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cellNUA is an Irish Biotechnology company and we deeply believe in the “cell first” approach.

The term Bio derives from the Greek meaning “Life”. This life is the foundation for the functioning of our cells, our organs, and the many systems that comprise our human bodies.

For us, biotechnology is the unleashing of the scientific potential of Nature‘s Intelligence™

Our Origin

cellNUA was founded through the convergence of a deep personal desire to provide innovative health care solutions with a drive to deliver cost-effective and disruptive healthcare advances to global audiences.

Our early works in the Lebanon validated the company’s hypothesis of deriving immunotherapeutic solutions from natural sources, developing platforms with potential to transform the healthcare landscape and the wellbeing of patients.


Now operating from our HQ in Galway, Ireland, one of the top 5 MedTech hubs in the world, cellNUA has conducted ground-breaking research into cellular medicine, immunology & virology, brain’s health, and longevity. We are committed to transforming our discoveries into safe and effective healthcare solutions to improve patient lives internationally.

Our philosophy is that the therapeutics of the future should, and can be, be derived by learning from nature. Bioinspiration has guided cellNUA in developing a universally applicable, scalable, and highly effective platform.

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