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cellNUA is a purpose-driven, biotech company with a global footprint and expertise in Immunology, Virology, Longevity and Cell Therapy Innovation.


An inflection point for the company in 2016, John found himself intrigued by the infectious disease research his team of scientists discovered in the DARPA files (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and began pouring company resources and intellect into exploring the source of global viral outbreaks.

Armed with experience in beekeeping, Cellular Biology, Virology, and knowledge of the powerful immunological abilities of bees, his team suspected DARPA’s focus on the source of outbreaks was a pivotal piece in understanding infectious disease.

The cellNUA team theorized that bees held the answer, rather than traditional vectors, such as mosquitos, and it became their mission to build a fortress of options against infectious disease, prevent emerging pathogenic threats, and create a powerful, ethically-sourced, solution.

Considering the efficiency and effectiveness with which honeybees protect their hives from harmful pathogens, providing protective “code” or genetic instructions, the team felt bees would be a powerful partner.

And, the BEEMAR™ platform was born.